All That You Wanted To Know About Body Piercing

body piercing

Body piercing is a popular form of body modification that is gaining a lot of popularity all over the world. It is different from the ear piercing that women and men do to make a style and fashion statement. These days, body piercing has grown beyond the ear and nose piercing. There are women who love to pierce their tongue and belly button and wear fashion jewelry in the pierced areas. In fact, these days’ people do not stop with a single body piercing. After they have pierced their tongue, they move ahead and look to pierce their eyebrows, nipples, and even their genitals. Such is the craze and popularity of body piercing these days.

  •         Does body piercing hurt?

There is an adrenaline rush that you experience with the first body piercing and the pain of the needles piercing the body parts will be minimal in this rush of blood and excitement. But, it does pain when your body is pierced with a metal piece. The initial pain will be on the higher side; this is when the needle first pierces the body. After this, you would feel a dull or an aching sensation in the area for a few hours. You can always take a pain reliever to ease the body piercing pain. The tongue piercing is the one that will cause a lot of pain and there are chances for the area to swell after the piercing. You can restrict the swelling by applying ice chips and popsicles to the tongue area.

  •         How long will it take to heal?

There is no said time for the body piercing areas to heal. Some areas would heal quicker than the others. The ear piercing will get healed in a couple of months and you can start to wear earrings in two months. The belly button piercing will take more time to heal as it does not get much-needed air circulation and is an area that twists and turns. Hence, it might take about 6 months for the belly button piercing to heal. The nostrils take 4 months to heal, the eyebrow 6 to 8 weeks, the nipples 4 to 6 months and the genitals about 6 months. This will also depend on the person and how quickly they heal. I know a guy from Delta’s Best Painters who got a ton of piercings and said that he healed super quickly.