About Us

The Aint Tattoos and Body piercing is the professional tattoo center in your neighborhood. Our USP is friendly and knowledgeable staff, quality and safe tools and efficient services for all types of clients. You do not have to worry about getting any infections and body pains when you get your hands or legs or any part of your body tattooed on us. We thrive in offering quality and dedicated services to each and every client that comes to us for getting their body pierced or to get attractive looking tattoos done on their body. You are sure to enjoy a very comfortable and safe body piercing or tattooing experience from all our service staff.

Our experience speaks

We have the experience and the professional tattooing and body piercing artists to offer you custom solutions that will suit your body. Our staff members are well trained to offer quality tattooing and body piercing services. They will decorate your body the way you want it to be done. If you have any tattoo image in your mind, just shed some light on it to our tattoo artist and he or she will make it appear on your body. We are completely sterile and make use of all the latest tools and techniques for tattooing and body piercing purposes. We have both male and female staff to take care of your body beautification needs and they will make your visit to our studio as comfortably s possible. You will be amazed by the wide array of designs and free handjobs that we can do for your body.